Queer: The 2024 Exhibit

The 2024 Exhibit
Queer: A Celebration of LGBTQIA Artists

Fri. May 31, 2024 - Sun. July 21, 2024  


Queer the 2024 exhibit

“Hosting the 3rd Annual QUEER Exhibition is a dream come true for me. As a queer woman in the arts, nothing brings me more joy than celebrating other local, queer artists' work. For the past two years, this has been the exhibition that brings an extraordinary, figurative "group hug" to all those featured in The Gallery, and the opening nights are downright "electric." I continue to encourage other queer artists to step up and out with their work, despite the extreme level of vulnerability with which it comes. As an "elder queer" creative, I believe that we set the examples of loving ourselves and each other and by being brave enough to come out and to show our work. This is no small thing, especially in a country with such volatile divides, but the phrase that continues to ring true is "representation matters." Let us be the chaperones to the up-and-coming generations of queer creatives who have so much to say and who will make even bigger statements and strides with their art.
Join me in celebrating the beauty that lies within this exhibition and please continue working to keep our LGBTQIA+ community safe. It is of the utmost importance that we make sure EVERYONE has a safe space to live, to love and to just be. It takes EVERY ONE OF US to make it happen, and you are a part of that by being here, in this space, right now. Thank you for that. Be safe and love one another.”